Kids matter! Families need help! Communities need support!

Our mission is to provide a nonjudgmental, safe, and sociable environment that assists in positive development.

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We are here to help.

Thomas Community Supports (TCS) is a community based mentoring program serving young men and young ladies between the ages of 7-18 and their families. Because kids matter.

Thomas Supportive Services, Inc. strives to improve the lives of youth and their families.

We focus on education, spirituality, health and fitness, as well as community and family growth.

Goals and Objectives

Take youth that are at risk and provide them with a nurturing guidance structure, emotional support and developmental tools so that when they turn 18 they will become mentors themselves.

A recent nationwide poll of nearly 1,500 Junior Achievement students, ages 10 – 18, indicated that 71% wanted to be self-sustained and valued as a leader at some point in their lives.

TSS believes that reaching youth at this age and introducing them to the idea, opportunity and work involved with being successful on the journey of life is key to teen’s success now and in the future. This is a prime time to tap into the talents of these youth.