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  1. Davita Wells says:

    My son came home one day from school pleading for me to allow him to join Mr. Thomas’s program. He stated that Mr. Thomas was very inspirational for him and that he could learn things from joining his program.

    I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Thomas and instantly I could sense his passion for the kids and his desire to help the community, sometimes at his own expense! Mr. Thomas picks the kids up on Saturdays and Sunday from 1pm until about 9/10pm. The kids share bonding experiences, life experiences and help out in the community. Darrell looks forward to weekends and being outside now, versus playing video games; because he feels safe and empowered around this group of men/young men and boys, I feel compelled to help and share the good news.

    Last week I had expressed to Mr. Thomas I could not afford for my son to attend a particular event. Mr. Thomas insisted my son participate and allowed him to spend the entire day with the group; they planted trees, had dinner and before the night ended Mr. Thomas, spent and additional 20 minutes talking to my son about only things a man could explain to a young boy. I am blessed that God has blessed my son with this opportunity. He believes that Mr. Thomas has devoted his life to these boys, which is an amazing feeling as a parent.

    Mr. Thomas program (TSS) is phenomenal and our communities need more men WILLING do these types of things with OUR young black boys!

    You rock Mr. Thomas!

  2. Nate Nicholson says:

    Growing up in TSS was fun but taught me a lot of things in life. Leo was like a big brother to me sometimes but also was a father figure to me. Anytime I asked for advice about a problem, he came down to my house and helped me get threw it even if it took time away from his day. This program is a program to help us young black boys stay out the streets and focus in school. Anytime Leo saw me off track, he helped me get back on track. If I never had the money to go out with TSS, he has payed for me a couple of times just so I could have fun that particular day. I recommend this program for every kid. It changed me a lot and made me a way better person than I was before I joined the program

  3. Pedro Santiago says:

    When I Was 13 I Joined TSS , At First I thought It Was Just A group That Does Activities But Over The Months I Realized It Was Diffrent , It Taught Me To Be The Better Man I Am today , I Now Have A Better Relationship With Mr.leo than i have with my own dad . Its A Fun Organization To Join A Group That You Can Learn And Have Fun At the sametime growing as a teen . Growing Up In TSS Gave Many memories in my childhood still to this day . I Believe That Every Teen / Preteen should join and it can make a diffrence .

  4. Dawn Aiello says:

    For the most part, my son has grown up without his father and had limited, positive male role models to direct him. When he told me about TSS I was a bit hesitant but with an open mind I gave it a shot, met with Leo and have been grateful ever sinced. Leo is one of the most positive, motivated, determined individuals I’ve been blessed to encounter. His passion to help mold our youth is so admirable but his passion to connect with these young men is by far his greatest asset, in my opinion. My son has benefited greatly from the TSS program as he first joined the group as a 14yr old boy. My son is now a 17yr old youngman and as I watch him interact with children younger than him, it simply makes my heart smile. He’s patient and kind, willing to give guidance and Leo deserves apart of the accolades for that. The mentors of TSS show these young boys that life can be great, that education is key, that hard work and determination pays off and that there’s nothing in these streets for them. Doing good deeds such as community service shows the boys that giving back, out of the goodness of your heart, has its own reward as they see the happiness they give. There have been numerous occasions my son speaks of how determined Leo is to succeed by putting his education as one of his top prioritit’s. Children learn from what we do, not what we say and I have to say my son has learned many valuable lessons from watching Leo and participating in the TSS program. We feel truly blessed. My son is still very involved with TSS and is in contact with Leo onah daily basis.
    Thank you Leo, Thank you TSS!

  5. Chas says:

    Growing up in TSS really has meant a lot to me. It helped me build friendships with people who are like me. Mr. Leo was a great mentor for me. When you needed someone to talk to he was there and understood where you were coming from. I always had someone to talk to with Mr. Leo around. I might of been a little misguided, but being in TSS really helped to shape me into a man. I became more mature through the countless experiences with TSS. TSS develops brotherhood, friendships, responsibility, and understanding amongst young men.

  6. Quincy says:

    Thomas Supportive Services or TSS has impacted my life in various ways. When I first joined TSS I was in the 8th grade and it has been a great decision that my parents and I had made. This group has created unforgettable memories that will be stuck with me for the rest of my life. Each trip that I’ve been on was a great experience for me because it gave me the opportunity to just be a kid without too many restrictions. While in the group I’ve created friendships that may last forever. Most of the people that I’ve met while being in the program I’m still good friends with and talk to them on a regular. TSS has influenced my life in positive way and I would highly recommend joining.

  7. Drasaun Moore(stone) says:

    Awww man where do I start… I met Mr. Leo at my middle school and very since then he took me in as his own little brother until this day we still keep in touch and hangout and I’m about to graduate high school. One summer Mr. Leo brought me to TSS basketball team and let me try out. All of the kids were cool and treated each other like brothers and allowed me into their family. Mr. Leo is one of the best guys I ever met. I can come to him and talk about anything. He even helped my cousin out when he was going threw family problems. I am more then grateful for Mr. Leo and I’m also grateful for TSS.

  8. Tywone Ford-Bey says:

    Joining TSS at a young age was a big part of my life. Mr. Leo made me look at life in a different way. Hearing things from a mans perspective on life made my route to becoming the man I am today great. All the trips , long talks and even just taking car rides helped me become more outgoing with the others in the group, which are now my brothers that i look at as my family now. I’m happy to have met Mr. Leo and appreciate everything he ever did always was a good look.

  9. Dyshana Herron says:

    I have to thank Mr. Thomas for all that he does. He is an angel. He showed up at the perfect time in myself and my son’s life. My son has changed drastically. He enjoys the time Mr. Thomas takes to talk with him. He comes home with a story to tell. I couldn’t have chosen a better role model for my son. Thank you for all that you do.. it doesn’t go unnoticed.

  10. Christel says:

    Thomas Supportive Services is an excellent mentoring program! My son struggled in high school and started to hang out with the wrong crowd. After he joined TSS, he totally changed his life around. TSS provides an educational , safe , and nurturing environment. The staff also provides tutoring and educational field trips. They really care about our children. The program keeps young men off the streets. My son graduated high school and will be attending college in the spring. Thanks TSS for all the you do!! I definitely recommend this program.

  11. Daquon Avery says:

    TSS has changed my life in many ways. Through all the fun activities and group activities I learned many skills as a person to use in my next steps in life. All the guys in TSS are still some of my close friends now and that is why I am proud to be a part of that brotherhood. It changed me for the good. Thank you Mr. Leo Thomas

  12. Damon Berry says:

    Joining TSS was one of the best decisions I made for myself growing up. I was about 12 when I joined and was going through a lot but as my time with TSS my problems seem to decrease. Mr. Leo is honestly like a father figure to me and I didn’t really have one growing up, knowing that I had Mr. Leo and my brothers no matter what help me a lot and I’m thankful for everybody involved. Mr. Leo and the TSS program has become a second family for me and I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone just wanting to change for the better.

  13. Pierre Corner says:

    Being one of the ones who started TSS and who was one of the ones who was coming up with the names before this even was a group. It’s crazy thinking back all the memories was so fun and still is. It’s a group you don’t wanna miss cause even though some kids didn’t like it on the side , they ended up trying to join because this group expands your life into things you’ve never done before places you never been to positive energy, giving you the change to be able to have fun, NO PUT DWONS ALL PUT UPS!

  14. Oscar says:

    Joint tss was one of the best decisions me and my mom made for me I was in 6 or 7th grade when I first joined it was not even tss yet Mr. Leo would always tell us how he wanted to start his own mentoring program and he would tell us he don’t know what to name it yet. Leo played a major role in my childhood he was always like a father figure to all the kids in the program and you could always go to him if you needed advice on something or you was unsure on what to do about something going on in your life. I always look back and think about how much fun we had on our trips that we took with Leo and how good we use to all bond with each other. No matter who the new person was joining the group we welcomed them with opened arms and we always brought them in as family nothing changed. From the program I learned a lot of things and I got a lot of good advice from Leo and from my brothers in the group I know i can always go talk to one of my brothers if I need anything or I was having trouble with something. I can say everyone in that group had a great bond with one another. I remember the first day I met Mr. Leo and how I got in the program because of one of my close friends would always leave me to go be with Leo and I would always as who he was and one day he introduced me to Leo and from there me and Leo and the kids in the program grow a great bond that I will always remember.

  15. David Aragon says:

    At first joining Tss didn’t cross my mind because i was convinced it wasn’t for me. I ended up giving it a try and it was the best decision ive ever made in my life so far. It taught me a lot of things from being a little bit more education and being smarter about my decisions in life. Furthermore my mentor leo has been a good advisor during the years ive been in the program. Me and the other teenagers in the program created unbreakble bonds including with our mentor. It shaped all of us into being mature young man with a good mindset.

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